Hi, I'm Michael.

I'm a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, mathematician and Web Developer. I'm interested in backend functionality, algorithms, and solving interesting problems. View some of my projects below.

Unizulu Games Screenshot

A set of three mathematical games to be used by the Unizulu Science Centre in Richards Bay, South Africa. The games have an AI and displays the rules in both English and Zulu. App was built with React.

Big Apple App

App that plans a day for a tourist visiting New York City. Worked together in a group where I served as team lead. Designed using Ruby on Rails and a Postgresql database. Also calls on the Yelp, Uber, and Google Maps APIs.


PokeDex created to view and add Pokemon using the pokemon API at pokeapi.co. Built using JavaScript, JQuery, and SASS.

Potter's Panel

Administration Panel for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Designed using Ruby on Rails and a Postgresql database. To sign in as an admin, use: albus@email.com password: lemondrop. As a teacher: snape@email.com password: 123456, and as a student: harry@email.com password: potter

Hypothetical app

Blogging site where users can post hypothetical questions. Built with Ruby on the Sinatra framework, and a Postgresql database. Sample user: aragorn password: 12345